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Thanksgiving Foods for your dog

While there are LOTS of our festive foods that are NOT good for your dog to eat there are plenty that are just fine for your dog to share!  Thanksgiving tends to be a very busy day, & a busy weekend.  So whether your dog doesn’t deal well with the extra holiday traffic & needs a different activity to keep them occupied, or your dog is a social butterfly excited to see your extra guests here are some ways to help include your dog in your Thanksgiving meal.  

I am NOT a fan of my kitchen & avoid it at all costs, so here are my lazy-ways of using Turkey-Day foods to fill my dogs kongs: 

PUMPKIN KONG:  Mix canned pumpkin, olive oil, & oats in a bowl.  Fill kong & freeze 

VEGGIE KONG:  Mix green beans, broth from cooked turkey, & sweet potatoes in a bowl.  Fill kong & freeze 

TURKEY KONG:  Mix shredded or ground turkey (cooked), honey,  & sweet potato (cooked & skinned) in a bowl.  Fill kong & freeze  

For those of you who are “more Martha” than I here are some other fun sounding recipes!! But remember, if you are going to make dog treats for your guests to hand out to your dog you need to scale back on regularly scheduled meals.  We don’t want fat fidos.

Leftover Turkey Dinner Dog Biscuits – Click here for full instructions

Homemade Pumpkin Dog Biscuits –  Click here for full instructions

Irresistible Pumpkin Cheesecake Dog Treat – Click here for full instructions