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2016 Client of the Year

More pets go missing than ANY other day of the Year.  What can you do to keep your dog safe?  Read On


4th of July Safety

A Big Moose CONGRATS to Aimee & Zeus who are the 2016 Client of the Year.  Want to know more about them?  Read On


2015 Client of the Year

A Big Moose CONGRATS to Craig & Kathy who are the 2015 Client of the Year  Want to know more about them?  Read On


  Leash Manners

Why is this picture an oxymoron?  And why are obtaining loose leash manners such a challenge despite being so important?  Read On




Housebreaking 201

When can your dog start telling you they need out?  At what age can they be considered totally housebroken?  Read On




Housebreaking 101

Are you being realistic about your expectations for housebreaking your pup?  Read On


What’s The Right Breed For You?

Not all breeds are a good fit for every family, how to choose which one will fit best into YOUR lifestyle?  Read On



New Year’s Eve Safety

The last holiday of the year is risky for a whole list of reasons!  Want to make sure the year ends on a happy note for your dog?  Read More

Christmas Safety

The week of Christmas is always VERY busy with gathering of family & loved ones, opening of gifts, eating of holiday goodies, & a change of the regular schedule do you have a plan to keep your dog safe?  Read More


Doggie Daycare Part I

Doggy Daycare is the latest craze, but is it right for YOUR dog?  And how do you find a facility where your dog will have fun and be SAFE?  Read More


Doggie Daycare Part II

What should you look for on your tour of the facility?  What additional questions should you ask about the play groups to keep your dog SAFE at daycare? Read More

2014 Client of the Year

A Big Moose CONGRATS to Brenda who is the 2014 Client of the Year  Want to know more about Brenda?  Read More




Thanksgiving Foods for your Dog

While there are LOTS of our festive foods that are NOT good for your dog to eat there are plenty that are just fine for your dog to share!  Read More



We are heading in to a cold snap for the next few days before things warm up for the weekend. So as we all hunker down under blankets & on the heat vents be sure to do a safety check!  Read More


The First Snow of Fall

It’s inevitable this time of the year in the mid-west.  What Snow Safety precautions can you take to keep your dog safe?  Read More